Our Consulting division meets the specialized needs of our clients for unique projects of any size. We have been able to successfully manage large scale projects and bring them to completion with our team of professionals in a timely manner.

Litigation Support/Crisis Management

R2 Group professionals possess over 30 years of experience providing a broad array of building construction and real estate related consulting services.  Our client’s, comprised of developers, business owners and shareholders, financial institutions, and attorneys throughout South Florida, have called upon R2 Group during emergencies and to evaluate troubled and interrupted commercial real estate properties of every type, including multi-family, retail, office and industrial.  R2 Group responds immediately and efficiently, to any request, possessing the necessary skills and resources needed for physical response, analysis and evaluation and reporting skills, in any venue; whether for a private party(s), court (both federal and state) or governmental or municipal authority.

Fiduciary Services

R2 Group professionals are of a small group of professionals, possessing the trustworthiness, experience and skills required to provide “Fiduciary Services”.  Fiduciary Services are those assignments, generally arising from party disputes, where a court authorizes the appointment of a Receiver or Examiner, who serves as an impartial third party, bearing the responsibility of asset preservation and operation, until the existing crisis or dispute is resolved.  R2 professionals have served during numerous fiduciary appointments, understanding how deeply personal these matters can be, discretely and confidentially, each resulting in outcomes benefiting all parties involved.

Real Estate Acquisition

R2 Group Consulting Services are also performed during the best of times.  If you or your partners are involved in a real estate acquisition (any type) or planning a new construction project (commercial or residential), R2 Group can serve as your third party outsource due diligence resources to conduct evaluation and analysis necessary for owners and investors to gather and analyze information for the useful intelligence, in support of the business decision making process.

Building Construction Due Diligence

R2 Group has a long history of providing construction design, planning, costing, contractor/subcontractor evaluation, and project owner representative services.  R2 has deep experience with the entire procurement process and can administrate the request for proposal (RFP) process, whether for private or governmental/municipal submissions.

Asset Management, Real Estate Acquisition And Fiduciary Services

Bondable for receiver appointment, receivership management and oversight

Immediate project emergency response and crisis management

Development of asset management and disposition plans

Implementation of asset management and disposition plans

Extensive real estate marketing and sales experience of every asset type, from listing agreement to closing

Commercial leasing; evaluation of tenant improvements; procurement and installation oversight

Litigation Support and development of expert witness reports in both federal and state court forums

Conduct of acquisition due diligence

Collateral underwriting for Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

Operational analysis, review of financial statements and operational budgeting

Preparation of qualitative and quantitative reports appropriate to matter forum (court, financial institutions and individual shareholders)

Conduct physical needs assessments and inspections

Evaluation, assessment, procurement (RFP process) and cure of deferred maintenance

Cure governmental and municipal violations and fine mitigation

Procurement and evaluation of appraisals, engineering reports, with extensive knowledge of environmental Phase I ESAs, contamination assessments and remedial action plans

Preservation and/or restart of interrupted construction projects with the ability to preserve or continue the construction/developmental process

Served as asset manager in sub-servicing and special servicing regarding asset performance evaluations for master servicers, insurance companies, pension funds and Freddie Mac

Construction Project Due Diligence, Management And Procurement Services

Procurement: Conduct of the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process for both private and governmental/municipal services

Interrupted Construction Evaluation, Recommencement and Completion Services

Distressed Real Estate Project Response and Recovery Services

Municipal Violation Resolution Services

Litigation support – Construction Defect Evaluation and Court/Expert Witness Testimony

Requests for Proposal

Preparation of qualitative and quantitative reports appropriate to matter forum (court, financial institutions and individual shareholders)