East Coast Invest, LLC

Igor Mikhaylov, Artem Zhgun, Trustee, f/b/o East Coast Invest, LLC, Case No. 18‐029719‐CA‐43, In the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami‐Dade County, Florida.

An ongoing receivership involving a shareholder dispute over an interrupted commercial retail real estate development.  Duties include (i) the securing of all development and ancillary real estate assets; (ii) evaluation and placement of insurances; (iii) securing cash assets; (iv) secure financial data; (v) conduct forensic examination of historical inflows and outflows; (vi) management of six ongoing adversarial court proceedings; (vii) ongoing asset management and disposition/exit planning; (viii) management and reporting both State and Bankruptcy Courts regarding matter status, actions and financial reporting.