K & R Properties, LLC

S.R. Kalb and Associates, Inc. fib/a K & R Properties, LLC vs. Michael I Rose et al., Case No. 16‐1586‐CA‐20, In the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami‐Dade County, Florida.

A successfully concluded receivership involving a partnership dispute over the operation and preservation of the assets of K & R Properties, LLC (“K&R”). The business conducted by K&R includes, but is not limited to, the purchasing and acquiring of various forms of defaulted debt such as mortgages, judgments, and liens. Thereafter K&R will convert that debt to real estate owned, and then operate those real estate assets through disposition. On May 4, 2016, the Court issued an Agreed Order on Appointment of Receiver appointing me to serve in that capacity. The duties and responsibilities of the Order were to (i) secure, operate and sell two industrial warehouse complexes located in the City of Miami; (ii) reconcile K&R’s books and records; (iii) investigate sources and uses of cash; (iv) neutralize liabilities; and (v) prepare accounting and operating reports to the Court and all related parties.