City National Bank vs. Mac‐Access Corp

City National Bank vs. Mac‐Access Corp, Case No. 2015‐029121‐CA‐Ol (22), In the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami‐Dade County, Florida.

Involving an international electronics wholesaler involved in foreclosure proceedings by its senior secured lender.  My ongoing duties include(d) complete securing of corporate records, imaging of all electronic information, preservation of accounting databases, oversight of income and expense approval, forensic investigation of all inventory and sale activity, securing of bank accounts and operating funds, collection of accounts receivable, and liaison between both plaintiff, defendant and their respective legal counsels involving a complete examination of the business operation and preparation and presentation to the Court providing a going concern analysis and recommendation for immediate cessation of all business activities and liquidation of all assets.  The matter concluded with a full settlement of the opposing parties.